Best $800 Investment For Your Airbnb

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I can close my eyes and randomly pick a listing. I’d be near-guaranteed to find bad photos.

Bad photos on Airbnb are everywhere.

Of course, smartphones these days take great photos. But it doesn’t take great photos.

It takes breathtaking photos. It takes extraordinary photos. 

It’s a one-time investment of a couple hundred dollars that pays itself back every single time someone visits your short term rental listing.

In the video, first I outline exactly WHO should be taking photos of the property.

If you think, “Oh any real estate photographer will do,” then I encourage you to watch the video to see why that’s not quite right.

I share what makes the difference between general real estate photos and proper short term rental photos.

Next, I share the TWO goals of your photos. Every photo set should take care of these two things.

After that I list a BUNCH of things your photographer has to get a picture of.

Then, we dive into how to stage the property with both the cleaning team and the photographer.

Lastly, I go into a relatively new technique you HAVE to be using on your photos. It makes your photos next level, looks natural, and displays your property in a way almost no one else is doing.


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What’s up guys, in today’s video, I’m gonna be sharing with you an easy investment that anyone can make in their Airbnb, whether you host your property Manage another person’s property, whether you want to invest in properties for Airbnb, I’m going to show you an investment that literally anyone can make an absolutely everyone should make into their property that no matter where your property is what type of property is no matter the circumstance, it will yield a two if not three figure return on your investment. And that is drumroll please, photography. Photography is the one thing that you absolutely should be investing more money into, I can tell you for 99% of you out there watching this video, however much you’re spending time and money wise on your photos, you should be spending more, I’m going to give you some tips and strategies in this training for how to allocate that time and that money effectively to get the right photographer, the right photos and get way more bookings out way higher rates for your short term rental property as a result. So sticking for the video, that’s what we’re gonna be covering today. Let’s start with how to hire the right photography photographer for your listing, and why I find that to be such a really, really important piece that literally almost every host on the platform could benefit from getting better photos. So you want to hire first of all a professional photographer, and one specifically that has experienced shooting Airbnbs or short term rentals, ideally someone that specialises in it. Now that can be hard to come across. But I want to back up a little bit here because I know that even when I said you should hire professional photographer, a bunch of people watching were questioning it because I know from going on to Airbnb all the time, as both a host, property manager, Ambassador and guest on the platform that a bunch of people out there are taking photos themselves, they’re grabbing their smartphone, that shoots really nice photos, and they’re taking photos, but the angles are horrible, the lighting is terrible, the framing is bad, they’re not taking the right photos. So if you’re one of those people bear with me, I’m going to share with you throughout this video, a whole bunch of different things that you’re going to be missing out on that are causing you to lose money by not spending money in this really, really important place. So first off, hire professional photographer. The reason for that is they’re gonna know how to get really good lighting, how to get really good angles on the property, they’re also just gonna have better equipment like a wide angle lens, that’s going to allow them to capture spaces in a different and better way, then your smartphone is going to be able to or then you likely wouldn’t be able to with your amateur photography equipment. Even if you have a DSLR you don’t have a variety of lenses and know how to use them how to set the right exposure, how to get the right lighting, all these different things. If you don’t do it properly, then you’re missing out big time. So professional photographer. That’s why now specifically hiring one that specialises in or the very least has experienced with shorting Airbnb shooting Airbnb, and short term rental properties. That’s really important as well, because shooting short term rental properties is actually quite substantially different from shooting other real estate. Like for example, if you work with a photographer that works with a lot of realtors, when they list the property for sale, when you’re listing a home for sale, more often than not, you’re just photographing the space. I don’t know if you’ve seen or listings lately, those things don’t have really great photos a lot of the time. And even when they do have nice photos, they’re not the same photos that you would have on an Airbnb or short term rental. For example, with an Airbnb, you’re going to want to have shots in the kitchen that show specifically all the different countertop appliances that you have so that guests can have that question answered for them when they’re going through the photos for listing. But when you’re shooting a listing to sell it, none of those countertop appliances come with the home. So why would you get that photo, not just one of many different examples of the types of shots that you would want for a short term rental that you wouldn’t necessarily want for any other type of photoshoot. So having a photographer who knows those types of shots, knows to you know, pull out the pull out couch, do it up as a bed, take a photo of it as a bed in addition to the photo of it as a couch, knowing you know making sure that the photographer knows to get all the right lighting, all these different angles, you know, to actually set the table make sure it’s all set up to break out the board game, put it on the table and actually help guests to envision themselves they’re playing the board game or to put a you know, nice fresh cup of coffee out on the front patio and put it on the table and stage nice shot there with the steam coming up. Like all these different little detail things. They’re going to help guests to do two main things which are answer the questions they have about the property and help them to envision themselves and get excited about envisioning themselves in that space. Those are what those are the elements that an Airbnb or short term rental photographer brings to the table that other photographers don’t. So that’s my first tip is make sure you hire a professional photographer and ideally one that specialises in or at least has experience with short term rental properties. You guys just want take a quick break here to say that for those of you watching, who want to build cashflow, and long term wealth by purchasing Airbnb ease and short term rental properties, there’s a link in the description right down below for a free training that will walk you through my exact strategy for investing successfully in Airbnb. Now, if you’re not ready to actually buy properties, and you want to get started managing other people’s properties on Airbnb the same way I got started and build a full time income managing other people’s properties, there’s actually another free training linked in the description down below as well, that’ll be a really great fit for you. So whether you want to invest in short term rental properties, and actually build amazing cash flow and long term wealth by acquiring the assets, buying the properties themselves, or you’re looking to earn a full time income, managing other people’s properties on Airbnb, we’ve got some awesome trainings that are linked in the description down below, that’ll definitely help you out. When you sign up for the trainings, we’re also going to send you a few other tools and resources completely for free just to help you get started. Again, the links to sign up are in the description down below. And both trainings and all the tools are completely free. So make sure to register for the trainings, links in the description down below. Now the next thing you want to do is make sure that you give them a shot list. So again, you can check out other videos and other free trainings that are in our description, everything like that, to see the different shots that you should get, we have like a full shot list that we give to every one of our photographers that goes through all the details. But in general, you just want to kind of lay out and give some thought ahead of time to all the different specific shots that you want to get. So for example, I just mentioned, a shot of the game pulled out a board game pulled out on the table or shot of the dining table all done up or a shot of the couch pulled out into a bed. If you have a hot tub, you want to make sure that you get a shot of the hot tub with the cover off and steam coming up in the jets on. You know all these things. If you have a TV, you want to make sure that if it’s a smart TV, you have the Netflix logo pulled up on the TV when that room is photographed. So that again, it answers that question for the guests. So all these different things and make sure that you have a shot list. The other thing you want to make sure is anything that’s detail oriented, that you’re specific about that you want to make sure it gets nailed does get missed or overlooked. You want to lay that out in writing clearly for your photographer, so they clearly know exactly what to do. So for example, how do you want your towels laid out on the beds or in the bathrooms? You know, how do you want your pillows done up at the property, ideally, you’re gonna have a cleaner go in there and stage at the way that you want it beforehand. But you also want to provide these details to your photographer so that anything at all is at a place, they can quickly just correct it before they take the photos because, you know changing that after the fact is going to be difficult to impossible. Whereas if your cleaner could just or your photographer can just adjust them then quickly pretty easy to do when they’re there as long as they actually know what to look out for. Now, the other thing you want to do is make sure that your photographer is getting a tonne of photos and they’re getting them ideally at Golden Hour. That’s a really big one, you want to make sure that there’s lots of lighting coming into the property, you want to make sure the extra shots look really good if extra shots are applicable for your property. And you want to make sure that they’re going by and getting tonnes of photos as well. You want to make sure they get all kinds of different angles, all kinds of kinds of photos. So that ideally, you can pick and choose the best ones that you like the most that are going to kind of help people to get a full picture of the property. So those are some of the kind of the main things that I look out for when it comes to my photos. I also if you’re if you want to do some research, there’s a style of photography called Flash ambient photography that I’ve personally have really taken a liking to for more rural properties, where there’s a lot of outdoor setting that you want to highlight. Basically what it does allows you to take a photo of the interior room of the house, but really show the outdoors in the windows. Normally that kind of thing would be out of focus, so it’d be blurred out. But with flat ambient, you can get a really nice mixture of seeing the room really clearly. But also seeing the exterior shots really clearly. HDR photography, High Dynamic Range photos can also look really, really nice, as long as they’re not overdone and look to fake. All these things that again, if you want sort of a Northstar to focus on you really want to be looking at answering or accomplishing two things with your photos more than anything one, answer all the questions that guests are going to have and to help them to envision themselves in the space, all these different things are going to help them to do exactly that. And so if you can nail this, then you got to think that’s the first thing that a guest is going to look at once they click through to your profile, nine times that attend the first thing to do is going to click on the photos. So if you can successfully take really beautiful photos that wow them and they get excited about and can and can really envision themselves staying in the space. And all their questions get answered about the property as they flip through the photos. Then there’s a way way higher likelihood that that guest is actually going to book your property. So spending, you know 345 I’ve even spent up to $800 on for Photography for one single property spending that money is going to result in more bookings. And depending on your nightly rate, it literally is only going to take a couple of nights out of the entire year that you get booked where you otherwise wouldn’t have for that photography to pay for itself and get all your money back for. So this to me is without a doubt the lowest hanging fruit for most if not almost all hosts on the short term rental platforms, Airbnb VRBO. What have you. The other big benefit here is that as long as you get permission from your photographer, you can often use these photos on social media as well if you are developing a direct booking strategy and putting the property up on social media, that’s another really great strategy as well that photos just give you again another great a great way to grow that profile as well. So again, if you have any questions about this if you have any thoughts if you have any, any tips that you found really helpful working with your own photographers, anything at all let me know in the comment section down below. If you liked this video and you got value from it, please do give it a thumbs up hit that like button. It really helps me out a lot with YouTube’s algorithm when helping to grow this channel. And if you’re here, you’re watching this video and you’re not yet subscribed, which I know a bunch of you guys are not yet subscribed to the channel. Make sure you hit the subscribe button to stay up to date. We post two new videos every single week helping you to improve on Airbnb make money on Airbnb, whether it’s hosting when it’s managing, whether it’s investing, so make sure that you subscribe so you can stay up to date with those two new videos every single week. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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