About BNB Inner Circle

BNB Inner Circle is for those of us who are ready to live a life of freedom. Learn through the help of expert 1 on 1 mentors and create investment income that surpasses earned income.

James Svetec

One of the world's foremost Airbnb experts and the co-author of Airbnb for Dummies; James has helped over 1,000 students all over the globe to leverage the power of short-term rentals as a vehicle for cashflow and wealth. When it comes to mastering performance and streamlining operations, James is the industry's go-to expert, consulting with over 400 property management companies worldwide.

Riley Oickle

A real estate investing expert with an extensive background in deal sourcing, renovations, and property management; Riley now manages a portfolio of over 70 properties for himself and other investors alike. Riley is the go-to expert when it comes to finding and structuring wining deals. With his background and experience running several successful contracting businesses, Riley is also a master at helping people build substantial equity in their portfolios.

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