BNB Inner Circle Coaching

BNB Inner Circle is an exclusive group for those of us who are ready to live a life of freedom. Learn through the help of expert 1 on 1 mentors and create investment income that surpasses earned income.

Learning By Doing

So you’re ready to start building your wealth and maximizing cashflow through short-term rental investing?

Great, no need to sit down in a classroom and read a textbook. Instead, it’s time to develop skills in the real world.

In BNB Inner Circle, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That's why we walk you through the entire process of buying your first (or next) short-term rental property step by step.

*In fact, we guarantee that you'll purchase a highly profitable Airbnb property while working with us.

A Focus on Results:

We guide you through your next successful investment and show you how to build equity and maximize cash flow in 7 different ways.

From finding deals in a competitive market, to building instant equity and improving future cash flow through strategic renovations, we cover it all.

Not only that, but we show you how to find properties that are uniquely well positioned to dominate on Airbnb, and we show you how to make that happen without all of the headache that typically comes along with property management.

We're confident certain that working with us will be worth at least $30,000 to you in additional equity and cash flow within the first 12 months.

Inner Circle Mentors

James Svetec

One of the world's foremost Airbnb experts and co-author of Airbnb for Dummies; James has helped over 1,000 students all over the globe to leverage the power of short-term rentals as a vehicle for cash flow and wealth.

James advises Inner Circle members on how to find and profit from outstanding investment opportunities as well as how to streamline operations for truly passive cash flow.

Riley Oickle

A real estate investing expert with an extensive background in deal sourcing, renovations, and property management; Riley now manages a portfolio of over 70 properties for himself and other investors alike.

Riley guides Inner Circle members through the entire acquisition and renovation process from start to finish, including showing members how to successfully build long-term partnerships with the right investors.

Does this actually work?

Sure, this looks great on paper, right? But does it actually translate to real-world results? We’re glad you asked, below we have video testimonials from successful students. If you’re serious and motivated you can get results like theirs. If not, well you can just keep it moving.

What Students Are Saying About Our Approach

Stephanie Soave

Ontario, Canada

Emily Belton

Ontario, Canada

Kimberly Dueck

Ontario, Canada

Marie Desir

Georgia, United States

Michael Vincent

Florida, United States

Ben Sprague

Colorado, United States

Cole Gordon

Arizona, United States

Jay Szczypiorski

California, United States

Deborah Gardner

Virginia, United States

Billy Stanford

Arizona, United States

Cole Brown

Texas, United States

testimonial - closed on property
testimonial - hit revenue goal of 500k
testimonial - great launch 2
testimonial - rehab in alaska
testimonial - new member first week
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"Extremely impressed with the program. Many programs will tell you what to do but not many will set up action steps that are needed to make that first purchase. If you go through all the steps laid out you will find JV partners, you will find good properties, and you will get issueless tenants. It’s a matter of setting up your business systems properly. Riley offers tons of support along the way, with examples and templates for important aspects of the business. Lastly, Riley genuinely cares about each of his students achieving their program goal. The result is a program that over delivers well beyond what a student could expect."


Ontario, Canada

“Jami and I scored our 5th and possibly 6th property today! All you new folks, keep on pushing cause the system does work!”

Krissy & Jami

North Carolina, United States

"My brother and I purchased a property with Riley and have had a great experience thus far - he always keeps us in the know and takes the time to thoroughly explain every aspect of the process so that we can understand and make informed decisions as a team. We would recommend anyone interested in getting into the real estate game to work with Riley!"

Eric & Bryan

Ontario, Canada

"I suggest anyone that is looking at doing Airbnb to do this program. The material is more than you can imagine and expect. They go through every detail that you won't even thought of and give you contacts for software that will make your life easier and less hands on. I recommend this course confidently to anyone and everyone."


"Just signed my first property last night! It’s a 5,500 sq. ft. home that sleeps 20!”


Utah, United States

"There’s also so much content that’s extremely helpful – like the photography swipe file – but in many other programs might be considered above-and-beyond and wouldn’t be included in the content. I really appreciate the high level of VALUE inherent to the program.”


Texas, United States

*We guarantee that members who join and participate in BNB Inner Circle will purchase their next short-term rental property while working with us. If they don’t we’ll continue working with them until they do, free of charge.

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