Are You Ready To Build Wealth Using Airbnb?

In BNB Inner Circle, we help people to build wealth and cash flow by investing in Airbnbs.

What is BNB Inner Circle?

BNB Inner Circle is an elite group of short-term rental investors who are looking to level up their investing and build substantial cash flow and long-term wealth.

It’s no secret that real estate is the most tried and true investment vehicle of all time. We show people how to leverage the “tried and true” in a new and innovative way that drastically reduces the timeline to financial freedom.

You’re just one rental away.

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BNB Inner Circle is for those of us who are ready to live a life of freedom. Learn through the help of expert 1 on 1 mentors and create investment income that surpasses earned income.

As a wise man once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Getting Started:

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BNB Inner Circle is designed to teach our members everything they need to know to invest hyper-profitably in short-term rental properties.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying!

"The best way to grow your wealth and your knowledge is to have a great team of experts. That’s why I teamed up with Symon He and James Svetec, the founders of LearnAirbnb and BNB Profit Academy, to build my knowledge of getting rich with Airbnb and to provide this guide to help you start your own Airbnb business. It’s packed with the knowledge they’ve gained to build an Airbnb empire. I’m thankful to them for sharing their knowledge with me and with you."

Robert Kyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

"Having known James for a good part of a decade, it is refreshing for myself and others who have worked with James to know that he is a man of action, work ethic, and integrity. James is an exceptional leader who inspires the best in others. His ability to build businesses with great team members and generate revenue out of the gates is second to none!"

Kory MacKinnon

Top 1% Real Estate Investor

What Our Members Have To Say...

Stephanie Soave

Innisfil, ON, CA

Emily Belton

Ontario, Canada

Kimberly Dueck

Ontario, Canada

Cole Gordon

Arizona, United States

Michael Vincent

Harbour Beach, Florida

Billy Stanford

Sedona, Arizona

“Jami and I scored our 5th and possibly 6th property today! All you new folks, keep on pushing cause the system does work!”

Krissy & Jami

North Carolina, United States

"I suggest anyone that is looking at doing Airbnb to do this program. The material is more than you can imagine and expect. They go through every detail that you won't even thought of and give you contacts for software that will make your life easier and less hands on. I recommend this course confidently to anyone and everyone."


"Just signed my first property last night! It’s a 5,500 sq. ft. home that sleeps 20!”


Utah, United States

"There’s also so much content that’s extremely helpful – like the photography swipe file – but in many other programs might be considered above-and-beyond and wouldn’t be included in the content. I really appreciate the high level of VALUE inherent to the program.”


Texas, United States

*We guarantee that members who join and participate in BNB Inner Circle will purchase their next short-term rental property while working with us. If they don’t we’ll continue working with them until they do, free of charge.